As one of the most epic weeklong celebrations in food, Wine & Food Week has helped shine a spotlight on The Woodland’s thriving food scene. Wine & Food Week is an expression of the magnitude of culinary talent in The Woodlands combined with an international showcase of the world’s premiere wines and spirits, and the nation’s trendsetting culinary masters.

Food & Vine Time Productions

PO Box 940538
Houston, TX 77094
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Constance McDerby

Founder | Co-Producer

Clifton McDerby

Executive Director

Sherri Segari

Culinary Director

Lynnie Beck

Box Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Debra Ford

Chief Marketing Officer

Ed Lieblick

C.B. Research Rabbit

Joye Jackson

Miracle Manager

Natalie Jones

Sponsor/Vendor Relations & Facilitation

Lisa Andersen

Volunteer Operations

Summer Irving

Opportunity Consultant

Charelle Grant

Opportunity Consultant

Sherri Suhr

Opportunity Consultant

Laura Baker

Opportunity Consultant