Fernando Desa

Fernando Desa is the executive chef and product development manager for Goya Foods, America’s largest Hispanic-owned food company. Chef Desa has worked with world-renowned culinary experts, including master chefs Rich Rosendale and Peter Timmins from the famed Greenbrier Resort, in West Virginia. He has also worked alongside well-known New England chef, Volker Frick and culinary talent Aaron Wratten from The Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel in Puerto Rico.

In his role, Chef Desa works hand-in-hand with the company’s sales and marketing departments to explore the usage of new products from Latin America and adapt them to Goya’s consumer markets. Through extensive research in Goya’s test kitchens, as well as off-site demonstrations, he incorporates these products into signature recipes available to the public and accessible on Goya.com.

Capturing the traditional tastes and cooking methods that have been handed down through generations, Chef Desa works to retain flavors that epitomize Latin American cuisine while incorporating new techniques that can be easily duplicated by every-day chefs. His ability to unlock the potential of new products showcases the brand’s commitment to authenticity and refined Latin American cuisine. With an extensive product line of more than 1,600 Latin American food items, Chef Desa strives to meet the expectations of Goya’s diverse client base by creating dishes that speak to their changing lifestyles and dietary needs. He brings a wealth of experience and a firm connection to Latin American culture to his position.

As Executive Chef for Goya Foods, Desa draws inspiration from his worldly culinary experiences and has appeared on various national and international television programs in the general and U.S. Hispanic market. He also travels all over the world and has cooked on leading culinary shows including Mixztura, Saborea, Alimentaria and Madrid Fusion among others. Chef Desa has also showcased his culinary style at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. He has judged various renowned cooking competitions throughout the world and also served on the advisory committee for several culinary universities in the United States. Chef Desa is an active member of some of the largest culinary associations like the ACF, RCA, IFT, and IACP.