Carlos Ramos

Winner of the Chef of Chefs Award in 2016 for a Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Tiradito in a Passion Fruit Leche de Tigre with quinoa and purple potato chips, Chef Carlos Ramos returns in 2024 as a Culinary Judge.

Carlos Ramos was born and raised in Peru and has worked in restaurants since he was 15 years old. That passion and love of food led him to open Latin Bites and Latin Bites Catering in 2010. With a Master of Arts in Teaching, Carlos also shares his passion with others as a Culinary Educator.

Latin Bites is a Latin American restaurant with an extraordinarily strong focus on Peruvian cuisine. As a family owned and operated business it takes pride in offering the most authentic Peruvian ingredients to produce some traditional dishes from Peru like “Ceviche” – fresh raw fish lightly marinated in chili peppers, and a ginger-garlic lime juice sauce called “Leche de tigre” or the “Lomo Saltado”, a Peruvian-Chinese dish of wok sautéed beef tenderloin pieces in a red wine, garlic, oyster and soy sauce; or the Peruvian street food staple “Anticuchos” Grilled skewers of beef heart marinated in a mix of specialty peppers and spices from Peru.

Carlos explains that what sets Latin Bites apart is its ability to offer a variety of food that is unique in flavor and technique. “In that sense, we don’t do Asian fusion because it is trendy, we do it because it’s in Peruvian cuisine’s DNA. Or we don’t just cook Quinoa because everyone is doing it, but because that is what we eat in Peru.”

The result of this natural fusion of flavors has landed Latin Bites in Top 100 restaurant list by Houston Chronicle for 8 years, as the 2016 Chef of Chefs Award Winner at Wine & Food Week and as a Top 10 Finalist twice in the NASA Culinary Competition on behalf of Chef Ramos’ culinary class.